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Searching, booking and paying for services online is a common thing if we talk about huge companies with thousands of dollars spent on IT-sphere. But what about small businesses? They fall behind when it comes to their availability to people through the Internet. It’s a big problem, as clients nowadays are willing to have a possibility to book appointments all around the clock. Moreover, they want to be able to do it from any kind of device – smartphones, tablets, laptops.

Luckily today we have already got the solutions fitting all the needs of small business. An easy-to-use software, designed specifically for your kind of business, is definitely what you need! Of course, choosing the best online booking software can be quite difficult and time consuming. So here are 10 features that you have to look for in your scheduling system, as they are “must have” for your successful work.

  1. Real-time scheduling.

    In modern world clients prefer to have access to information any time, day or night. The ability to book a service from you online will be perceived by your customer as a sign that you’re taking good care of your clients and value their time. Your scheduling system should offer available dates and time and be able to confirm the chosen variant right away. In this way your client won’t have to call you or wait for the confirmation and you won’t spend your time for constant phone conversations or messaging with all the people willing to make an appointment.  

  2. Access your schedule right from your phone.

    Make sure that you can have access to your schedule and manage it wherever you are – at work, at home or on the go. Synchronizing your app with your personal calendar (for example, Google Calendar or Outlook) is another great idea, because in this way you won’t put two different appointments for the same time.

  3. Automated reminders.

    One can spend a lot of time calling all the clients for appointment confirmation. Your booking system should send automatic reminders to your clients before the appointment time. It’s so easy to show your customers that you care about them and are expecting to see them very soon. Plus you don’t have to spend a single minute of you time for that. Brilliant, don’t you think so? 

  4. Convenient messaging feature

    . An integrated tool for fast messaging with your clients will be of great use for you as well. Having the ability to text the necessary client without leaving the app is pretty convenient, isn’t it?

  5. Ability to offer instant discounts and promotions.

    Do you know how to get rid of those annoying slow periods during the day? We do! Choose the booking system that will allow you to offer your clients discounts or set the “happy hours” for hard-to-fill periods like, for example, Monday mornings. That will help you to make the most of your working time.

  6. Different access levels for employees.

    If you have a whole team of professionals working for you, a good scheduling software will offer you an option to create separate schedules and profiles for all of them. Also you will have the ability to choose an individual level of access for each worker and decide what actions they will be able to perform in the program.

  7. Client profiles.

    From now on you can keep all your client information, their appointment history and notes about each of them in your scheduling software. Do you have some special customers with discounts? Be sure that your booking system allows you to set individual prices for loyal clients.

  8. Comments and reviews.

    You’re on the right way if your scheduling software offers your clients the possibility to write reviews and share them across the Internet. Some services will even offer you to create a web-site for your business, as a free option included in the package. In this case you’ll probably also have the function of posting the received reviews on your own web-site and profiles in social networks (such as Facebook, Twitter etc.). It will be an additional advertisement for your business.

  9. Attracting clients.

    The perfect booking system can not only help you manage your business effectively, but also find new customers. Make sure that you have a good knowledge of all the features of your scheduling software and take the maximum advantage of its opportunities.

  10. Ease of use.

    It’s no fun working with complicated and counter-intuitive program. Your online booking system should be completely understandable for you, fit your budget and be easy-to-use for your employees and your customers, of course.

If you have already decided to enter the new level of cooperation with your customers and are looking for a reliable and functional scheduling software, you should give a chance to 8STARS. This service combines lots of opportunities in one program: different kinds of online calendars, client manager, creating your personal website, setting up appointments via Facebook, SMS-reminders, reports on your business and many other useful features. All of these opportunities are available to you even from your mobile phone.

8STARS offers you a free trial period, so there are no risks at all! It’s time for you to feel all the benefits of fast and convenient managing your schedule online. Just imagine how much time you will be able to save. And time is money, right?


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