8STARS BLOG | 5 способов улучшить Вашу страницу онлайн бронирования
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Improve your online scheduling page in 5 easy steps

I write about online scheduling services quite often because the usefulness of those little business helpers can’t be underestimated. It is the place where people come to book their first meeting with you, while your existing customers use it to schedule their next appointment. It is the exact place where everything starts, that’s why it is so important for us. So the question we have to find the answer for is “How can we make your online scheduling page even more effective?”

Our today’s post is about boosting your scheduling software. The main purpose is to make sure that your booking page can be easily found by web searches and that customers can effortlessly share it with their friends and colleagues. In this article new users will definitely find lots of useful information and pro-users will point out a couple of useful thoughts.

8STARS BLOG | 5 способов улучшить Вашу страницу онлайн бронирования

1. Make your page URL special

The first step you should take is replacing your page URL with something memorable. A useful tip – phrases are easier to remember than long fancy company names. So if the name you like is used by somebody else or it is pretty unusual for a regular person, you have to try one of those alternative variants:

The name of your city + the sphere of your business
Example: londonmakeup.8stars.pro

An easy-to-remember adjective with good sounding + the sphere of your business
Example: fantasticnails.8stars.pro

Your company’s slogan or another catchphrase
Example: haircutswithlove.8stars.pro

The point is to make your URL special and consequently more appropriate to your audience. It should be unique and super easy to remember at the same time.

2. Make your booking page easy to find

Google and other searches have some basic principles of work, knowing which you can be sure that your scheduling page will not be ignored during the web-search. The first thing you should start with is to fill in the “About us” section on your page. It might be a surprise for some users, that during the search Google looks for keywords and pays special attention to “Picture/Logo” and “Company details” sections.

Do you want to know one more easy method to improve your search results? It’s very simple. All that you have to do is to add the booking page link to your website, Facebook profile and other media platforms. How will it help? The thing is that while collecting the search results Google scans existing pages first and only then starts to look for the newly-created ones.

3. Improve your email signature

One more great idea is to add your scheduling page link to your automatic email signature. You can also highlight it in different color to make it stand out from the rest of the text.

For example:

Best regards,
Alice Wilson
Stylist, makeup artist
“Sunny City” beauty bar

Having once received your email, people will be able to easily find a link to your booking page any time they need. The majority of mailbox services will allow you to insert hyperlinks with images in addition to your email signature. Nevertheless, I would stick to plain text in order to avoid some problems connected to spam-filters and browser incompatibility. The best thing about this whole idea is that your clients will automatically remember the URL of your scheduling page and will easily remember it if necessary.

4. Make use of business cards

We live in the age of Wi-Fi and smartphones, but business cards still hold their positions. It’s possible to assume that this is the matter of aesthetics, as exchanging contact information in LinkedIn or Facebook may look not so sharp as a quality-made and well-designed card sliding across the table. So until the time when they become completely outdated, business cards will still be one of the best places to put your booking page URL on. This may become a great advertisement for your business page if you customize your URL in a proper way (it should be relevant and memorable, as we’ve discussed earlier).

5. Pay special attention to social media

I think there’s no need to remind you that your Facebook and other social media profiles should feature the link to your scheduling page. The main advantage of mentioning it in social networks is that it can be shared, liked and retweeted.

Write about your business, post your booking page URL so that it can be shared. To be even more effective – spend some time for social media on the regular basis. Every time you’re preparing a post, make sure that it’s interesting and original, attach nice-looking images and photos. Your followers and subscribers shouldn’t get an impression of being spammed with unnecessary stuff. The publications about last minute openings, discounts and special offers are a great way to remind your customers about your business and invite them to visit.

I understand that you’re a busy person and it’s a challenge to find time for anything else. So I’ve got some good news for you: to make these ideas work, you have to spend only about 5 minutes to put each of them into action. Together all those methods can be a great contribution to the development of your business. You’re creating an environment that will stimulate your success. Five easy steps will help your potential customers to get more opportunities for booking an appointment with you and it means a huge benefit for your business in the long term.


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