8STARS BLOG | Нужно ли указывать цены услуг на сайте? У 8STARS есть решение!
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Should you put pricing for services on your website? We’ve got the answer!

To put or not to put – that is the question! Quite often when creating a website or an internet page it is difficult to solve this problem. Let’s figure out whether is it necessary to have all the prices for goods and services listed on your website.

It’s not a secret that a lot of entrepreneurs keep the pricing information under lock and key. The strongest arguments in favor of such decision are the following:

– Fear of competition. That happens because the price is open to the public and other sellers or service providers will be able to exploit that, saying that they are cheaper.

– The possibility that the price will scare off the clients. Sellers don’t want to show the prices on the website because they hope to receive more calls and make sales by the phone or in person.

– Due to economic instability and exchange rate shocks the prices can go up and down quite often. Entrepreneurs have neither the time nor the inclination to change the information on the website every time or to explain to customers why the price is different from the one published in the internet.

Of course, these fears are well grounded, but it is necessary to look at the situation from the side of the client. After failing to find the prices on the web-page the majority of visitors will just leave the site. Why is this happening? The main reason is that people are reluctant to make phone calls and spend even more time in search for information. It is much easier and faster to go to the next link in Google which offers the same product or service and if the price is suitable just click the “Buy” button.

8STARS BLOG | Нужно ли указывать цены услуг на сайте? У 8STARS есть решение!

If you decide to show prices on your website, you will start receiving only “useful” calls. Those are calls from your potential customers who are ready to buy your product or service. There’s no need to waste time on “useless” phone conversations with people who are calling to get to know your price (because you don’t have a pricing list on your website) but are unwilling to pay it. If you are afraid to scare off the visitors of your web-site with the pricing, you should make emphasis on individual approach to each customer and flexible discount system. Believe or not, but it really works and attracts people interested in buying the goods and services that you offer. Personal contact with those people will help you succeed in selling your goods by phone conversation or upon meeting.

And one more thing – when a customer sees the prices on your website and never finds those at your competitor’s page, he will subconsciously take you as more honest and fair seller. Thus you will earn more confidence on his part. An open talk about the prices is just as important as making eye contact during a conversation. Try to inform your customers about the formation of the price and what is included in the purchase. Also don’t forget to highlight the benefits of buying from you.

Do not worry about the fact that showing the prices on your website will scare off some people – they are not your clients. Try to identify your target audience and focus on it. It is impossible to please everyone. The best thing you can do is to perfectly fit the needs of “your” customers and meet their expectations. This is what we should strive for.

How will 8STARS help you to find the convenient way to list the price?

Online booking system 8STARS is being constantly improved to satisfy all the small business needs. Our new function will be of great use for professionals. From now on you can choose the most suitable way for your business to indicate prices for goods and services you provide. The “Price” column of the system will offer you 6 different options to choose from.

If your business is simple and you can easily name a certain price for a particular item, you’ll like the “Fixed price” option, where you just set a definite price for each item.

There are cases though when an exact price can not be called. Especially if it concerns the Services industry. In this case, you can put the price in the form which is possible. For example, when it comes to hairstyle and everything depends on the hair length and complexity of the work you can name the minimal price or set the price range. Here you will be able to choose one of the following options “Starting from …” and “Ranging from … to …” which will help you to display the approximate price for each service on your website.

If the service cost depends on a number of mini services included, a good solution here is to create packages of services with different prices depending on the number of procedures. Be sure to give a detailed description of what services the customer gets for what amount of money.

If your services are unique and are selected for each client individually, you can describe a few procedures which have already been provided and tell about their cost. You should also note that the customer can get an individual price calculation over the phone or during a free consultation with your specialist. In this case, select the option “Upon request” and don’t forget to put the consultation with the specialist in a separate column and specify the price as “Free”. This is guaranteed to help you attract more customers, as an opportunity to get something for free gives the feeling of a good bargain, regardless of the amount of money spent overall.

“But are there situations when it’s still better not to indicate the price?” – you might think. Of course there are, but this applies to certain professions. If you are, for example, a private doctor, the cost of a course of treatment can be defined only after examination of the patient and personal communication. 8STARS considered this situation as well and we offer you the way not to show the prices to the visitors of the website. You just have to choose the “None” option in the price types list. This means that your webpage will display the services you provide without stating the price.

When you add each kind of service to your list in addition to the price, you can note a lot of information that will be useful for your clients: you can specify the duration of the procedure, mention the professionals available for a certain type of service, add a thorough description of the procedure and the category it is related to. 8STARS offers you lots of options and the choice is entirely up to you.

So, we’ve already discussed why concealing information about the price is not a good idea, as it greatly complicates the process of promoting business. Just imagine that you went to the store to buy some food for dinner, but you couldn’t find a single price tag on the products. Most likely you will feel quite confused, as you can’t be sure whether you have enough money to buy all the things you need. Your website visitors can have the same feeling, if they are unable to find information as for the price of goods and services. Be honest with your potential customers and do not try to hide the price from them. It makes absolutely no sense – sooner or later they will still have to hear it from you. Appreciate time of your clients, making sure that they can receive all the necessary information about your company and its services on your website and very soon they will become your loyal customers.


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