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Small delights for your customers – huge benefit for you

Before we start discussing all those “small delights”, let’s pay some attention to the following example: in 2014 near the courthouse some unusual situation happened. The passers-by were invited to evaluate their stress level. As it was quite high they were offered to have a seat on the fresh green grass, put on the headphones and listen to some relaxing meditation music. So while the participants of the experiment were enjoying that pleasant experience, a dozen of cute fluffy kittens ran out at them. Adorable, isn’t it? Can you imagine how many sincere happy smiles and positive emotions were awakened by those unexpected small purring cuties? We absolutely love pleasant moments, especially when they happen to us during a tough working day. They distract us from the all the fuss and give us the feeling of joy and happiness, which can last for a couple of hours or even longer.

The main problem, that the mentioned above experiment had to draw attention to, – is stress, which accompanies us every day of our modern life. “Small delights”, bringing joy and relaxation to your clients at least for a while, will give a big boost to the development of your business. And believe me, you don’t need a bunch of kittens for that.

Creating the formula of success

Taking into consideration all the above, after some simple calculations and a moment of reflection we can figure out the secret formula of your clients’ delight.

Secret of success = some pleasant thing x the element of surprise

Surprise is a secret ingredient, that enables you to make the moment of delight truly thrilling and joyful. Sitting on the grass near the courthouse, the participants of the experiment couldn’t even imagine that they will see small fluffy kittens, so it was a really unexpected thing for them. Of course, kittens have the ability to make people admire just because they are super cute. But when they appeared in the place, where nobody expected to see them, those little cats brought sincere joyful emotions absolutely to everyone at that place.

Underappreciated power of surprise

Some recent research has shown, that human brain activates the pleasure center under the influence of some unexpected stimuli. When something surprises you, your brain distracts from what it’s busy with at the moment and focuses at the suddenly popping up stimuli. To a great extent it is a basic survival instinct – if something jumps out at you in the dark street, your body will give the immediate reaction. As the result, the emotional effect is much more profound when some event is connected with a surprise. Something good seems to be absolutely fantastic, while something bad – just terrifying.

So the moment of concentrated joyfulness became real thanks to the element of surprise. But there is one more cognitive pattern – the experienced delight makes human’s brain want even more. That’s the reason why in business world they say: happy client will be your loyal client.

Pleasant experience is to be shared

You can be surprised only once because of something, but your brain will want more and more. Thus, we usually start looking for the ways to live those thrilling emotions again, for example, watching at the person experiencing that pleasant surprise for the first time. That’s why having eaten something incredibly delicious we offer it to our friend, saying: “You have to try this!”. This is that very occasion.

It turns out, that your client’s delights and pleasant experiences multiply benefit for your business. If you managed to make your customer extremely happy, you can be sure that he will give his friends and relatives all the details about that moment of pure delight. There is a great chance that all those people will soon become your clients as well.

Happiness every day

Finding new unexpected ways to please your clients is the guarantee of your success. It’s not just “service with a smile”. It’s much more! Good attitude and friendliness are necessary things without any doubts, but they can’t surprise your client any more. Some unexpected delight is what you need. One more example: in Urban Waxx beauty salon they serve Mimosa cocktails to their customers, who are sitting in the waiting room. Moreover, they have a free chocolate candy dispenser at the reception desk.

8 STARS BLOG | Маленькие радости для клиента – огромная польза для Вас

One should admit that those pleasant bonuses will have their favorable impression only during the first visit. A great idea is to change the cocktail every couple of weeks – Mimosa for the first month, Mojito the next one, then Margarita and so on. And again, the main thing is not to give away drinks for free, but to surprise your customers. As a client, each time before the visit I would wonder what kind of drink I will have the pleasure to enjoy in the waiting room and I bet I would tell all my friends and colleagues about this interesting treat at the salon.

Surely, first of all the business owner should take care of the quality of service. But a pleasant surprise for your client is the cherry on top. If creating those “small delights” for customers is perceived as a burden and just a time-consuming duty – it’s not going to work. All those small pleasant surprises should turn your customer’s usual experience into something joyful, sincere and memorable. It’s like bringing a bit of magic into the world around us. Not convinced yet? Just imagine how would you feel if you got some pleasant surprise for no reason, but from the heart.


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